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Functional Heat Extractor Carbon Fiber Hood For 2015+ Shelby GT350

The 2016-2018 Ford Shelby GT350 is an absolute track monster, though itís itís not uncommon to overheat when pushed hard for a day. Anderson Composites, known for its carbon fiber body panels, has developed a functional heat extracting double-sided dry carbon fiber hood for 2015-2019 Shelby GT350 and GT350R models.

The hood weighs approximately 20.8 pounds and mounts in the factory location with OE hardware to ensure proper fitment. The hood is composed of dry carbon fiber fabric that has been pre-impregnated with resin. The carbon fiber cloth is placed in a mold and subjected to heat and pressure, which changes its structural properties and becomes more rigid.

According to Anderson Composites, dry carbon is best for race applications because it provides the most strength and saves the most weight. Dry carbon offers more consistent weaves but its also more costly than wet carbon which is hand-laid or vacuum infused and prone to small defects like wavy weaves and tiny bubbles, which can weaken the panel.

The hood features a large center vent that measures 20-inches wide by 23-inches long to achieve optimal heat extraction and incorporates additional side vents that each measure 8-inches wide and 16-inches long. These vents are molded into the hood and do not require any cutting or fabrication. The vented area provides optimal heat extraction for vehicles that are equipped with aftermarket performance products.

Anderson Composites says that all dry carbon fiber has a matte finish, including this hood; however, it can be painted if desired.


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