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The Status Quo
At their Best

  1. Pictures Of Matchstick Men
  2. Green Tambourine
  3. Something Going On In My Head
  4. Ice In The Sun
  5. Mean Girl
  6. Lazy Poker Blues
  7. Down The Dustpipe
  8. Little Miss Nothing
  9. Make Me Stay A Little Bit Longer
10. Auntie Nellie
11. Do You Live In Fire
12. Daughter
13. Are You Growing Tired Of My Love
14. Elizabeth Dreams
15. Face Without A Soul
16. Everything
17. Gentleman Joe's Sidewalk Cafe
18. Gerdundula
19. Need Your Love
20. Spinning Wheel Blues
21. Is It Really Me
22. Josie
23. Good Thinking
24. In My Chair

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