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The Tubes
1. White Punks On Dope
2. Brighter Day
3. Mondo Bondage
4. Stand Up And Shout
5. Whiz Quiz
6. Never Amount to Nothing - Hermuta
7. Baby Your Face Mutated
8. Wonderbread Bodies
9. Lunch Face
10. The Hip Hop

All of the material on this CD was recorded before the "fame and fortune". Some demos and some un-released tunes. The un-released material is a display of sheer musical talent. All of these songs appear to be high energy jam sessions that have been polished to a nice tight presentation. Most impressive is the fact that the un-released songs are all done live ( in a small to medium sized club) yet still sound studio "tweaked" as far as band tightness is concerned. The signature changes, lighting quick fills, and off time drumming of Praire is a clinic in dynamic drumming. Fee and the boys sound like they are having way too much fun.

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