1977 Mustang
The Mustang II years ...

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The 1977 model year introduced a "Sports Appearance Group" for the Ghia model that was color matched to either black or tan paint, as well as several minor styling changes and expanded color options for the Cobra II. Also new was a T-top option for the fastback featuring twin removable tinted glass panels.

Midway through the 1977 model year, changes for the 1978 model year were pulled ahead to sell early. It is most notable on the Cobra II models where the hood scoop was turned around to seem more aerodynamic and the graphics were revised. For the decals, the dual stripes running the length of the car were replaced with a single stripe and on the side of the car the snake and "COBRA II" decal were replaced with a large stripe down the center with large "COBRA" lettering in the middle.

Louvers were added to the hatch and the side panel louvers only came in black. All the window and glass moldings were painted black as well.

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