1978 Mustang
The Mustang II years ...

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In 1978, Ford introduced a new Mustang model called "King Cobra". This was a limited edition vehicle that had a total of 4,313 units produced. It featured a deep air-dam, stripes and a Pontiac Trans Am style Cobra Snake decal on the hood.

The King Cobra was available only with the V8 engine to help bolster the car's performance image.

On the momentum of the Mustang II's successful sales, a totally new Mustang was slated to be introduced for the 1979 model year.

Total unit production for the 1978 Mustang:

  • 2dr Hardtop          81,304

  • 3dr Hatchback      68,408

  • 2dr Hardtop Ghia  34,730

  • 3dr Hatchback
    King Cobra             4,313
    Mach 1                   3,655

    Total Production 192,410

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